Why TLS/SSL certificates?

The topic data security is now more important than ever before. Most of us are almost constantly online be it with a laptop, smartphone or tablet. We retrieve our mails everywhere, chat with friends or shop online. Unfortunately, the least attention is paid to whether the data is also protected, that is to say the data is encrypted when being transferred, while you are logged in to your bank or interacting with a merchant who processes your credit card data.  It is now easier than ever before for companies to provide their customers with the right security.

With an TLS/SSL certificate implemented on the website, any data exchange is completely encrypted which means that data can not be read by anyone else. An EV certificate also strengthens the trust of the customer or prospective customer by directly displaying that the company has been verified and actually exists.
For the site operator, there is another advantage: Google now evaluates all websites with Always-On-SSL better than those with only one certificate in a subarea on the website or if no certificate is used at all.